What Do Parrots Eat?

If you've ever seen a parrot at a pet store, or know someone who has one, you know that they can be very entertaining and very intelligent. One of the many questions a potential new parrot owner will have is "what do parrots eat?" Parrots must be fed a healthy file0001735285262 morgue free 300x225 What Do Parrots Eat?

diet in order to thrive and live a long time. Depending how well you feed and care for your parrot, it can live for many years to come.

Parrots such as Budgies can live up to 10+ years. Lovebirds can live up to 12+ years. If you own a cockatiel and his diet is proper you can have him with you for 15-20 years. As you get into your larger parrots, their life expectancy can blow your mind! Parrots such as the Conures and Senegals can live 25-35 years. African Grey and Amazons can reach 50-70 years and Macaws can live to 75+ years. So as you can see, this can be a life-long companion for you. So gathering as much information to the question What Do Parrots Eat will only help you give your friend a chance to live up to its potential. There is alot of potential to live up to also. As you read about the life expectancy of the different types of parrots, you can see that you have allot to think about before making your purchase.

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When it comes to feeding your parrot, it can become very overwhelming.  You need to educate yourself on what is the proper diet for your parrot.  A diet of just seeds will not work to your parrots long life potential.  You must supply fruits and vegetables along with a good pellet style diet.  There are many different brand of pellet food as well as different styles and colors.  They will also come in lower fat and calorie style as well as higher fat and calorie styles.  Your parrots lifestyle will dictate which formula you should buy.  There will also be many different treats available with the different food brands.  There are also hand rearing formulas available too for the experienced parrot breeder.  As you can see, you have a vast supply of food choices and brands to choose from for you parrot.  We will discuss some of the many different brands and styles available to you.  With brands like ZuPreem, Roudybush, Pretty Bird and Harrison Bird Food to name a few, you will find much needed information here to help find out What Do Parrots Eat?


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